APM for Ruby, Elixir & Node.js

Six monitoring tools merged into one.

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Ruby (on Rails)

With support for Grape, MongoDB, Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq and many more.


With support for Ecto, Erlang, Phoenix, Plug.


With support for Express, Next.js, Node-postgres, Node.js Core and many more.


With support for React, Vue, Angular, Ember, Preact, Stimulus.

All-In-One APM

Monitoring can be so much simpler.

When the bits hit the fan, developers need clear and focused insights. AppSignal combines 6 powerful monitoring features into one APM — all in an easy to use interface.Bonus: All features are included in all plans.

Error tracking

Track exceptions, get error alerts, debug and fix them with ease.

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Performance monitoring

Monitor the performance of your slowest actions down to the nanosecond.

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Host monitoring

Monitoring for your servers: keep an eye on CPU, Disk, Network & more.

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Anomaly detection

Avoid surprises and set triggers for anomalies on any metric you'd like.

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Metric dashboards

Collect metrics from your code and chart them on dashboards.

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Uptime monitoring

Get alerted in real-time when your application is down.

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Supported Stacks

Monitoring for your full stack.

We love the diversity of languages that are used to build the web. AppSignal is a powerful APM that works out-of-the-box for the following languages and frameworks:

Ruby (on Rails) APM

Our monitoring gem provides Ruby on Rails error tracking, performance monitoring, server monitoring and more.

Monitoring for

Elixir APM

Our monitoring package provides Elixir error tracking, performance monitoring, server monitoring and more.

Monitoring for

Node.js APM

Our monitoring package provides Node.js error tracking, performance monitoring, server monitoring and more.

Monitoring for

JavaScript Error Tracking

Our JS package provides easy to use use error tracking. Together with our back-end monitoring, this gives you a full overview of your application.

Monitoring for

"Man, AppSignal is an absolute godsend. Just fixed 2 errors in production, 2 minutes after they happened."

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The trusted APM for thousands of development teams

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AppSignal monitoring helps WeTransfer to monitor 20B requests a month.

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APM in 5 minutes

Installation without
the frustration

AppSignal is built for ease of use. The installation is effortless and we'll set most things up automatically. You'll be monitoring exceptions and performance in no-time.

# Add to .gemfile
source "https://rubygems.org"
gem "appsignal"

# Ruby on Rails installation
bundle exec appsignal install YOUR_PUSH_API_KEY

Lightweight agent

AppSignal's monitoring agent is built with Rust. It's lightweight, stable and already runs in thousands of applications.

Dev-to-dev support

If you need us, we’re there for you. We’re committed to making AppSignal monitoring great for you and your team.

GDPR Compatible

Got customers in the EU? Our data processing is GDPR compliant.

99.999% Uptime

If there’s one thing you need to trust, it’s your APM. We're ready to help you monitor, at every scale.

Your next incident could use AppSignal.

  • All plans include all features
  • Starts at $19 / €15 a month
  • 30-day free trial – no CC needed
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