WeTransfer case study

Monitoring 20+ billion requests a month

WeTransfer is a service that enables you to easily send big files up to 2GB. The company was founded in 2009 in Amsterdam and has grown to be one of the world's leading file-sharing services.

WeTransfer is a service that enables you to easily send big files up to 2GB. The company was founded in 2009 in Amsterdam and has grown to be one of the world's leading file-sharing services.


WeTransfer pays their bills with beautiful full screen advertisement and offers a WeTransfer Plus plan with larger transfers, personalized backgrounds and long-term storage.

Meetings by bicycle

WeTransfer and AppSignal share the same hometown (Amsterdam), and in 2014 one of our founders hopped on his bicycle to pitch AppSignal. WeTransfer signed up to be one of our awesome customers, and we’ve been growing together ever since.

So. Many. Downloads.

WeTransfer is a very popular service. They transfer billions of files all over the world. At peak times in Europe and the US they run about 350 nodes. AppSignal scales well, and that's in part thanks to our systems having been battle tested by WeTransfer since 2014.

  • Up to 350 hosts active at peak times
  • Monitoring 20 billion monthly requests
  • A whopping 1 million requests / 2 minutes

AppSignal monitors about 20 billions requests for WeTransfer each and every month. That's 1 million requests every 2 minutes. Or, the monthly request limit of our 250K Plan every 30 seconds.

Getting the most out of AppSignal

The team at WeTransfer uses almost all the features that we've packed into AppSignal. In fact, because we listen to what our customers need, a lot of features were shaped in some way or another because of their smart feedback.

Errors in Slack

Errors detected by AppSignal flow right into their Slack, keeping them op top of issues as they occur. Because their service relies so heavily on background jobs, we also provide insights into their execution times so the team knows if their queues are clogging up.

The AppSignal team builds a great product and is a valuable partner in growing our infrastructure.

Julik — WeTransfer

New features provide new insights

Soon after we launched our new event timeline the WeTransfer team found an issue where they were sending superfluous head requests to S3. It was the new data collection and our way of visualizing it which enabled this discovery, and it's feedback like this that gives the AppSignal team an energy boost.

Linking to their systems

WeTransfer uses our link templates, so when an error has occurred they can click a link that takes them directly to the right place in their log files or customer support system. These little conveniences make their lives easier when shit hits the fan.

Custom metrics

The ease of use of the custom metrics feature is appreciated at WeTransfer. Just add a counter for e.g. every completed download, enable the dashboard and the metrics appear in easy to use graphs.

Dedicated support

We offer private Slack channels to our high-traffic clients. The WeTransfer development team chats with us on a daily basis, which benefits both us and them. We get great first-hand feedback, and they get real-time support from our engineers. And because we know when their error rate spikes, we're always close to lend a helping hand.

AppSignal is a company built on trust and lasting relationships. We don't have pushy sales people haggling over price, but engineers that speak code before business. That’s a stark contrast with some other monitoring services, and we're proud of that, just as we're proud to be serving WeTransfer.

Curious about the insights we can provide for your high traffic apps? Contact Roy Tomeij (Toh'may).

Your next incident could use AppSignal.

  • All plans include all features
  • Starts at $19 / €15 a month
  • 30-day free trial – no CC needed
Screenshot of an error incident page of AppSignal

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