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fs Module monitoring

Gain insights into your Node.js app's promise, callback and sync function performance with AppSignal.

Key fs Module monitoring features

Error tracking

Be the first to know when an fs module exception occurs. Learn more

Performance monitoring

Find and fix slow queries and functions to optimize performance. Learn more

Anomaly detection

Keep one step ahead with metric triggers that notify you when anomalies occur. Learn more

Metric dashboards

Visually monitor your Node.js app's health with metric dashboards. Learn more

Fantastic fs Module insights

Visualize request performance

AppSignal's performance samples make it easy to contextualize fs module function performance within the broader context of a request.

Event timeline for Node.js request showing HTTP, fs and Koa actions.

Event-level insights

Pinpoint underperformant functions with AppSignal's Event Timeline. Gain deep insights into what executions took the longest to complete.

Screenshot of event timeline showing fs module function performance.

Why monitor the fs Module?

Make your Node.js application's file management work like magic with AppSignal. Gain crucial insights into core components like the fs module to swiftly identify performance issues, bugs, exceptions, slow database queries, and more.

With features like Error Tracking, Anomaly Detection, Uptime Monitoring, Logging, Alerting, and more, AppSignal helps you confidently scale your Node.js app.

AppSignal fs Module monitoring helps you

Track errors and easily find route causes.
Detect and optimize slow fs module functions.
Spot and solve critical failures to avoid downtime.
Identify and improve the performance of slow functions with in-depth metric insights.

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