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Garbage Collection monitoring

AppSignal gives you deep insights into Garbage Collection performance, ensuring it's effectively managing your application's memory and preventing your application from suffering memory outages.

Key Garbage Collection monitoring features

Performance monitoring

See how long Garbage Collections take to run. Learn more

Automated Dashboards

Visualize and track your Garbage Collection performance and frequency. Learn more

Monitor and debug Garbage Collection performance in Ruby

Track the speed of Garbage Collection.

With our RubyVM automated dashboard, you can track how long each Garbage Collection process takes to run.

Graph showing queue length for Garbage Collection.

See how frequently Garbage Collection runs.

Track the frequency of major and minor Garbage Collection runs on the Ruby VM automated dashboard.

Graph showing overall job status for Garbage Collection.

Why monitor your Garbage Collection in Ruby?

AppSignal's Ruby APM gives you deep insights into your application's performance metrics. By monitoring your Garbage Collection process, AppSignal can give you deeper contextual insights into the performance and health of your application's memory.

Developers love using AppSignal features like exception monitoring, anomaly detection, and logging to gain a helicopter view of their application's performance.

AppSignal Garbage Collection monitoring helps you

Understand how long Garbage Collection takes.
See how frequently Garbage Collection runs.
Gauge how healthy your application's memory allocation is.

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