Cookie Policy

1. General

AppSignal B.V. (hereinafter: ''AppSignal'' or ''we'') uses functional, analytical, social media and tracking cookies for our services. This includes our website (hereinafter: the “Website”) and our product (hereinafter: the “Product”), (hereinafter jointly: the/our ''Service(s)''). We think it is important to inform you about the cookies we use. In this cookie policy we therefore explain which cookies we use and for what purposes. We first briefly explain what cookies are.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files. These text files are placed on a device, such as a computer, tablet or phone, to map, for example, how our Website at or our Product is used and to be able to make reports about the activities on the Website and/or our Product.

There are different types of cookies. For example, there are cookies that are necessary for the Website or our Product to work properly. There are also cookies to track your surfing behavior, for example to pay out referral credits. Some cookies make it possible to determine whether your device has previously visited the Website or the Product. Because a cookie is placed on your device, the Website or the Product recognises the device. This ensures that, for example, you do not have to log in to the Product again.

3. Personal data

Sometimes placing cookies also entails processing Personal Data. AppSignal considers careful handling of Personal Data important. Your Personal Data will therefore be processed carefully and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation and the Dutch Telecommunications Act. We have also drawn up a Privacy Policy that we adhere to. For more information about the Personal Data we process, we kindly refer to our Privacy Policy.

4. How does AppSignal use cookies?

The information AppSignal obtains from the cookies helps us to improve the Website and the Product and to understand the profile and interests of our visitors and users. We also use the information to improve our services.

Below, we explain in more detail which cookies we use. The cookies indicate the purpose we want to achieve. The cookies are not used for other purposes.

Cookie settings

You can set your browser in a certain way, for example by indicating that no cookies may be placed. In that case, our Website or our Product may not always function or function properly. More information about managing cookies for the respective browser can be found on the following websites:

5. Which cookies are placed on the Website and/or in the Product?

We make use of the below cookies on the Website and/or in the Product.


Through our Website and Product our own cookies are placed.

Purpose: We use our own cookies. With the help of these cookies you as a visitor of the Website and/or user of our Product can login to your account.
Type of cookie: Functional
Retention period: 14 days


Through our Website and Product cookies are placed from the American company Intercom, Inc. and the Irish company Intercom R&D Unlimited Company.

Purpose: We use Intercom Messenger cookies. With the help of these cookies you as a visitor of the Website and/or user of our Product can communicate with us and we can offer first-line support.
Type of cookie: Functional
Retention period: 270 days

We recommend that you read Intercom’s privacy policy.


These cookies are only sent your way on request. Since you have read this Cookie Policy this far, you deserve some. Please let us know your address at

Other necessary and functional cookies

Lastly, we place some other necessary and functional cookies. These cookies are necessary for our Product to work properly.

6. Delete cookies

Some cookies we place are permanent, others are temporary. You can delete permanent cookies yourself via the browser settings. Temporary cookies (also known as session cookies) are automatically deleted when you close the browser. You can always manage cookies via your browser settings.

7. Updates on the Cookie Policy

When our Website and/or our Product changes, it is sometimes necessary to update this Cookie Policy. AppSignal reserves the right to change/update this Cookie Policy at any time. For that reason, AppSignal encourages you to check the Cookie Policy regularly to stay informed of such changes.

8. Updates on the Cookie Policy

If you have any questions about how we use cookies or about your settings, please contact us. This can be done via the contact details below:

AppSignal B.V.
P.O. Box 10212
1001EE Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T: +31 20 42 84 105
Dutch Chamber of Commerce number: 62960407

Version 1 - May 1, 2023