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AppSignal provides valuable insights to help you find and fix front-end errors in your Angular applications, keeping your code performant and reliable.

Exceptional Error Tracking

Automated Dashboard Error insights Monitoring

AppSignal's Error Tracking for Angular helps you pinpoint issues instantly. With insights into error messages, request details, and occurrence samples, AppSignal helps you resolve issues before they impact end-users.

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Automated Dashboard Gain context with Breadcrumbs Monitoring

AppSignal Breadcrumbs make debugging a breeze. Gain clear, actionable insights into the events that triggered an exception, reduce reproduction times, and create watertight solutions for Angular errors.

Breadcrumbs showing error context in AppSignal.

Automated Dashboard Alerts where they matter Monitoring

From email to Slack, AppSignal integrates effortlessly into your workflow to help you stay ahead of the curve. Avoid alert fatigue by configuring where and when you receive alerts.

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Why monitor Angular?

Get valuable high-impact Angular insights with AppSignal's JavaScript Error Tracking. Set up alerts for proactive monitoring, track Breadcrumbs for contextual insights, inspect key request details, cross-deployment occurrences, and more.

AppSignal's full-stack APM monitoring has all the features you need to scale confidently. With features like Error Tracking, Performance Monitoring, and Logging, AppSignal offers all the data-driven insights needed to fine-tune your applications.

AppSignal Angular monitoring helps you

Gain cross-deploy insights into errors.
Filter Angular errors efficiently with tagging.
Quickly identify critical request information.
Understand how an error was produced with Breadcrumbs.

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