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Track everything and build dashboards.

AppSignal introduces an easy to use metrics platform. With a few lines of code you can send us any metric you can think of, and visualize it on configurable dashboards.

Custom metrics platform screenshot of AppSignal APM
Track database size


Track database size

Measure your database size and see growth over time. You'll know exactly when you need to scale your database.

Keep an eye on the status of your mail service


Keep an eye on the status of your mail service

Imagine your service relies on people downloading large files. Easily plot a graph of completed and canceled downloads.

Monitor background queues


Monitor background queues

Workers can run out of memory, meaning you have to stop one and start a new one. But how often? Visualizing this behavior for debugging purposes is easy.


Easy and powerful.

It takes just a few lines of code to send us your metrics. There is no need to set up any additional services: just install AppSignal, send some metrics using our easy to use API and you're done!If you are using our Standalone AppSignal Agent to track server metrics for non-app servers, you might be interested in using the built-in StatsD server.

# Send a gauge
# Will return a value of 20
Appsignal.set_gauge('database_size', 10)
Appsignal.set_gauge('database_size', 20)
# Send a measurement
# Will return a count of 2 and an average of 150
Appsignal.add_distribution_value('memory_usage', 100)
Appsignal.add_distribution_value('memory_usage', 200)
# Send a counter
# Will return a total of 3
Appsignal.increment_counter('login_count', 1)
Appsignal.increment_counter('login_count', 2)

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