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Catch errors and don't let them happen twice.

Exception tracking is essential to every app. AppSignal provides all the alerts and insights you need to get errors under control. Stop playing whack-a-mole, start using AppSignal.

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Get alerted as soon as errors happen.

Real-Time Alerts

Get alerted as soon as errors happen.

When errors happen in your application, you need to know instantly. Receive alerts through the communication tool your team uses, whether that is email, Slack, Discord, or another messaging platform.

Detailed Error Reports

Find the root cause of any error.

We save error details and provide you with the information to drill down to the root cause. Look at other occurrences of the same error to discover patterns. Tag errors with user ID's or anything else to make debugging easier, and add links back to your CRM to follow-up on affected users.

Error message

The error message is shown at the start of the page.

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Request details

See the hostname, path, request ID and other information that was saved for this request.

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Host information

Find out which host this error happened on, and how hardware and network were performing at the time.

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Change issue status

Set issue status and notifications preferences.

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Send to issue tracker

Using an issue tracker? Send it to one of our many integrations!

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Browse saved samples

We keep track of every occurrence of the exception, so you can inspect and compare.

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Global overview

Error rate

Global overview

Check error rates for your web requests and background jobs, and your team will know how the app's improving over time. It's also a great canary in the coal mine for more wide-spread issues.

List and filter errors.


List and filter errors.

Besides getting alerts, you can also inspect all errors that happened in your app. Filter them per deploy, status or number of occurrences to find what you are looking for.

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    Rule Out Other Causes

    Inspect host metrics for errors.

    Sometimes issues are caused by your hosts running amok. That's why we keep track of host metrics for each error sample. Discover when to optimize your infrastructure before blaming lines of code.


    Checking All Boxes

    Everything an engineering team needs.

    AppSignal is jam-packed with features that give you deep insights into your application's errors. And we're adding new ones all the time!

    Global error rate

    Get error rates for your entire app.

    Background jobs

    AppSignal tracks errors in all major background processors for Ruby such as Delayed job, Resque, Sidekiq. Plus your custom background job processors.

    Link templates

    Link directly from issues in AppSignal to your own systems by creating custom URLs (i.e. link to your admin panel based on a user ID).

    Parameter filtering

    Your data is safe in our European data centers. But, we'd still rather not receive any private data. We offer extensive options to filter sensitive data from ever being sent from your app.

    Tag errors

    Tag your errors with additional information to get deeper and more detailed insights in what's causing them.

    Ignore actions

    Want to prevent noise and exclude specific endpoints and jobs from being reported to AppSignal? Ignoring actions you care less about is easy.


    Want to do something fancy with the data we collected on your app? Use our API and get all the data you need. After all, it's yours.

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