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Finch monitoring Automated Dashboard

Track the performance of your Finch app with AppSignal, squash bugs, and solve common problems like performance bottlenecks and resource errors.

Key Finch monitoring features

Error tracking

Track errors in your Finch app and receive alerts when they occur. Learn more

Performance monitoring

Optimize your app's HTTP request performance. Learn more

Anomaly detection

Keep one step ahead with metric triggers that notify you when anomalies occur. Learn more

Metric dashboards

Track and visualize your Elixir app's metrics in real-time. Learn more

Real-time Finch monitoring

Automated Dashboard Event-level insights Monitoring

AppSignal's performance samples and event timeline make assessing your Elixir app for Finch performance problems a breeze.

Sample breakdown showcasing Finch events.

Automated Dashboard Stay alert with triggers Monitoring

Use AppSignal alerts to create triggers for key Elixir metrics, such as slow response or request times.

Screenshot of active triggers for Elixir.

Automated Dashboard Instant downtime alerts Monitoring

Be the first to know when your Elixir app is down with AppSignal's Uptime Monitoring. AppSignal pings your app regularly from different locations, alerting you instantly if no response is received.

Screenshot of AppSignal uptime monitoring.

Why monitor Finch requests?

Keeping your Elixir app reliable means staying on top of Finch requests. AppSignal's Elixir APM delivers valuable insights into your app's Finch integration performance, providing deep, event-level Finch request insights. You'll also get a helicopter view of your app's overall performance.

With features like Error Tracking, Anomaly Detection, Logging, and more, AppSignal has all the tools you need to scale and maintain Elixir apps confidently.

AppSignal Finch monitoring helps you

Analyze Finch request execution times.
Gain comprehensive insights into overall HTTP client performance.
Fine-tune Finch requests for optimal responsiveness.
Stay ahead of performance issues by configuring alerts for anomalies.
Know the instant your app experiences downtime.
Easily pinpoint the root cause of Finch request issues with Error Tracking.

Start monitoring your Finch requests today

Ready for deep Finch insights? Get started by signing up, installing AppSignal, and exploring our Elixir documentation for more detailed setup instructions.

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