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Plug monitoring

Track the performance of your Plug app with AppSignal, squash bugs, and solve common problems like performance bottlenecks and resource errors.

Key Plug monitoring features

Error tracking

Track errors in your Plug app and receive alerts when they occur. Learn more

Performance monitoring

Optimize your Plug app's performance and response times. Learn more

Anomaly detection

Keep one step ahead with metric triggers that notify you when anomalies occur. Learn more

Metric dashboards

Visualize and track your Plug metrics. Learn more

Power-up Plug performance

Squash bugs before they bite

Quickly detect and remedy errors in your Plug app. AppSignal's error tracking offers detailed reports for fast troubleshooting, including error contexts, backtraces, and trends.

Screenshot of Plug error incident in Appsignal.

Stay alert with triggers

Get ahead with AppSignal alerts by creating triggers for key Plug performance metrics.

Screenshot of active triggers for a Fastify app.

Instant downtime alerts

Be the first to know when your Plug app is down with AppSignal's Uptime Monitoring. AppSignal pings your app regularly from different locations, alerting you instantly if no response is received.

Screenshot of AppSignal uptime monitoring.

Streamlined Log Management

Easily send your logs to AppSignal with little setup. AppSignal's intuitive UI helps you quickly inspect and filter through your logs to find issues.

Screenshot of AppSignal logging.

Why monitor Plug?

AppSignal's Elixir APM offers valuable insights into Plug application performance, offering deep data-driven insights into Plug errors and performance problems. Use AppSignal's Plug insights to gain a helicopter view of your Plug app's performance within the broader context of your stack.

With tools like Error Tracking, Anomaly Detection, Logging, and more, AppSignal gives you a complete overview of your Plug app's performance, helping you to scale confidently and maintain optimal performance and stability.

AppSignal Plug monitoring helps you

Fix Plug errors before they impact your application's performance.

Fine-tune Plug components and adapters for optimal performance.

Add tags to function and module Plugs for easy filtering.

Optimize your development with AppSignal features like error tagging, GitHub integrations, Slack notifications and more.

Gain detailed insights into the performance of individual Plug modules and functions at a granular event level.

Use custom integrations to understand Plug performance in the broader context of your Elixir application's stack.

Start monitoring your Plug app today

Ready for deep insights into your Plug app's performance? Get started by signing up, installing AppSignal, and exploring our Elixir documentation for more detailed setup instructions.

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