Integrations & workflow

A better monitoring workflow for your team.

AppSignal's monitoring gives focus and productivity back to your team. We have all the tools you need.

Better teamwork

AppSignal brings your team focus and control over monitoring. Now everyone can contribute.

Smoother incidents

Bits will hit the fan, sooner or later. With AppSignal, resolving incidents is smooth and effortless.

Your tools, integrated

Send issues to Github, get alerts in Slack. AppSignal works with all the tools developers love to use.

All-in-One Monitoring

From scattered to gathered data.
No need to switch tabs.

You need focused insights in times of crisis. AppSignal's all-in-one feature set gives teams control to find and debug issues. Forget switching tabs. Gather all the insights you need in one place.

Manage incidents

Assigned, triaged, fixed. Smoothly resolve incidents.

Catching errors and gathering data is just the first part of your puzzle. Then it's time to handle incidents with your team in a clear and structured way. With AppSignal, that's easy.

Image of Assign incidents feature

Assign incidents

Assign errors or performance issue to your team and never be in doubt about who is responsible for what.

Image of My assignments feature

My assignments

Get an overview of all issues assigned to yourself or others. Never lose track of an issue again.

Image of Add severity feature

Add severity

Mayday, mayday! Triage issues and provide the context behind them to your colleagues (this will pay off in the future).

Image of Send to issue tracker feature

Send to issue tracker

Get issues into your issue tracker and make sure they end up on your team's backlog.

Incident notifications

Ding-dong. Get alerts sent to
where you need them.

You don't want to chase after incidents. That's why we send incidents straight to your inbox, chat tool, or call rotation.


    Send AppSignal alerts to Discord channels


    Receive AppSignal alerts in your email


    Send error, performance and trigger alerts to Flowdock


    Create events in Intercom if a user experiences an error

    MS Teams

    Send error, performance, and trigger alerts to MS Teams


    Send AppSignal alerts to Opsgenie and use their on-call schedule


    Send AppSignal alerts to PagerDuty and use their on-call schedule


    Send error, performance and trigger alerts to Slack


    Use a custom webhook to receive alerts

Track incidents

Create issues in your issue tracker.

We know developers love tools. And you love them even more if they play nice with other tools. AppSignal has a series of integrations.


    Send incidents from AppSignal to Asana


    Send incidents from AppSignal to Shortcut


    Create Github issues out of AppSignal incidents


    Create GitLab issues out of AppSignal incidents


    Create Jira tickets out of AppSignal incidents

    Pivotal Tracker

    Create Pivotal tickets out of AppSignal incidents


    Create Phabricator cards out of AppSignal incidents


    Create Trello cards out of AppSignal incidents

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