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Rake monitoring

Monitor your Ruby app's rake tasks and be notified when rake tasks encounter an exception.

Key Rake monitoring features

Error tracking

Be notified of exceptions in your rake tasks. Learn more

Squash rake bugs

Quickly get to the root of an error

Use AppSignal's Error reporting to inspect error samples and solve rake task issues. With detailed sample information, including a backtrace and parameters, you can avoid rabbit holes and debug with confidence.

Error summary showing Rake error message and backtrace.

Why monitor your Ruby app's Rake jobs?

AppSignal's Ruby APM provides deep exception insights for monitoring your Ruby app's rake tasks.

AppSignal's Ruby monitoring tools are designed for developers and include features like exception reporting, anomaly detection, and logging, offering a holistic perspective on your application's performance. AppSignal gives you valuable insights to confidently monitor, improve, and scale your Ruby application.

AppSignal Rake monitoring helps you

Be notified of rake task exceptions.
Fix broken rake tasks before they begin to impact your Ruby app's performance.
Schedule your rake tasks using cron jobs or your favorite scheduler and get error reporting in AppSignal.

Start monitoring your Rake tasks today

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