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Django monitoring

AppSignal gives you valuable insights into the performance of your Django application. Address common Django issues like errors or slow responses with AppSignal's error reporting and performance monitoring features.

Key Django monitoring features

Error tracking

Find and fix Django errors. Learn more

Performance monitoring

Pinpoint and optimize underperformant view functions. Learn more

Anomaly detection

Create triggers to alert you when Django anomalies occur. Learn more

Metric dashboards

Create dashboards to help monitor your Django metrics. Learn more

Why monitor Django?

Enhance your Django application's responsiveness using AppSignal's Python APM to combat slow response times and errors. AppSignal gives you access to vital Django error and performance metric insights. With features like error and performance monitoring, AppSignal empowers you to see the connections between your codebase and stack, helping answer important questions like:

  • Why is my template slow?
  • Why did my model raise an exception?
  • How long did my view take to process?

AppSignal Django monitoring helps you

Find and solve common and complex errors anywhere in your Django application.
Optimize view performance to ensure your Django application is always responsive.
Use AppSignal attributes to tag performance and error samples for easy filtering and fine-tuning insights.
Gain event-level performance insights into your Django view functions.
Understand Django model and view performance in the broader context of your application's stack.

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