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AMQPlib monitoring Automated Dashboard

Monitor the performance of your Node.js Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) incoming and outgoing messages with AppSignal. Track incoming and outgoing messages, identify errors, and optimize message handling.

Key AMQPlib monitoring features

Error tracking

Find, fix and track Node.js errors before they impact your AMQP performance. Learn more

Performance monitoring

Find and fix issues that impact the speed of AMQP message enqueuing. Learn more

Anomaly detection

Configure notifications for when your Node.js app experiences anomalies, like high response times or memory usage. Learn more

Metric dashboards

Visualize and track Node.js performance with metric dashboards. Learn more

AMQP performance monitoring

Automated Dashboard High-impact performance insights Monitoring

Dive deep into AMQP performance with AppSignal's event timeline and identify underperforming AMQP operations.

Event timeline showing RabbitMQ query performance times.

Automated Dashboard Real-time metric monitoring Monitoring

Utilize AppSignal's metric dashboards to track all of your application's critical metrics in one simple overview.

Dashboard showing Node.js error rate and response times.

Automated Dashboard Extraordinary Error Tracking Monitoring

Find and fix errors in your Node.js application before they impact performance. Inspect error messages, backtraces, and a cross-deployment occurrence history in one simple interface.

Node.js error incident summary.

Automated Dashboard No fuss Node.js log management Monitoring

Explore Node.js performance issues thoroughly with AppSignal Logging. Analyze, query, and monitor your Node.js logs for detailed contextual insights.

AppSignal Logging trail for Node.js app.

Why monitor AMQPlib?

AppSignal's Node.js APM delivers powerful performance insights for Node.js AMQP brokers like RabbitMQ, providing you with the tools necessary to optimize your AMQP operations and Node.js performance. Identify slow AMQP operations, eliminate bugs, and prevent performance problems with AppSignal's monitoring toolkit.

With features like Error Tracking, Anomaly Detection, Logging, and more, AppSignal provides 360-degree insights into the performance of messages sent and recieved with AMQPlib, helping you scale with confidence while maintaining peak performance and stability.

AppSignal AMQPlib monitoring helps you

Understand the impact AMQP messages have on your Node.js app's overall performance.
Monitor the performance of popular AMQP brokers like RabbitMQ.
Boost the performance of AMQP message enqueuing.
Confidently scale your Node.js app with AMQPlib performance insights.
Quickly find and fix issues impacting AMQP message delivery.
Eliminate memory leaks and fine-tune query efficiency.

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