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Your search for a New Relic alternative is finally over.

Looking for a New Relic alternative? AppSignal has simple and affordable pricing, great technical support, and a beautiful interface. It's built with ♥. By devs, for devs.

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Simple pricing

Simply pay per request, and get unlimited users, apps, errors, and all our features in one tool. Our billing will never surprise you.

Decluttered interface

AppSignal was designed to help give you focus in times of crisis. Our interface is clean and easy to use.

Great developer support

All customers — on all plans — get the same great support, directly from one of AppSignal’s knowledgeable developers.

Main differences

Why developers choose
AppSignal vs New Relic.

AppSignal APM is the all-in-one New Relic alternative that helps teams focus on writing great code. Your team will have all the tools they need in one easy to use interface.
Technical support by real engineers

Amazing support

Technical support by real engineers

AppSignal has amazing support for any technical questions you may have. You'll receive all the support you need, regardless of your plan size.

With NewRelic, you’ll have to rely on community support unless you’re willing to pay thousands of dollars extra a year.

Everything in one interface, uncluttered.

Intuitive interface

Everything in one interface, uncluttered.

AppSignal has every feature you need, in one clean interface. It’s easy to find the information you need and hard to get lost.

Got a map? New Relic’s interface is not very intuitive. Developers often report they have to dig through data to find what they need.

Automatic dashboards and instrumentation.

Magic dashboards

Automatic dashboards and instrumentation.

We automatically instrument your Ruby, Elixir, and Node.js code. We'll also automatically generate dashboards for your infrastructure.

Some languages are mainly community-supported, which does leave you to (con)figure it out on your own.

A business you want to do business with.

Our approach

A business you want to do business with.

AppSignal is an honest and independent business. The thing that makes us happiest is knowing we make our customer's lives a bit easier. We care about diversity, have a code of conduct, and send out thousands of stroopwafels.

NewRelic is already past their IPO stage. Their key business objectives are to grow and keep their shareholders happy. They don't have our customer-first approach.

Straightforward all-in-one pricing.

Simple pricing

Straightforward all-in-one pricing.

Simply pay per request, and get unlimited users, apps, errors, and all our features in one tool. No forced upgrades, no billing surprises.

At New Relic, complex feature tiers, upsells, and sales reps make it unclear what you’ll be paying now, and what you'll pay when your company grows.

Monitoring features

As powerful as New Relic.
A whole lot easier to use.

Let’s face it. Whenever you switch a tool, you need to get used to new ways of doing things. Luckily, AppSignal has all the tools you need in one clean interface. You'll be switched in no time!

What our customers think

1500+ development teams rely on AppSignal to ship code with confidence. We are sharing a few of their stories with you.

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