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Logo Code::Stats


Write code, level up, show off! Code::Stats is a free stats tracking service for programmers.

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Logo Elixir School

Elixir School

Elixir School is the premier destination for people looking to learn and master the Elixir programming language.

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Logo Elixir Jobs

Elixir Jobs

ElixirJobs is a site built to help developers to find their next Elixir job, and to help companies to reach Elixir developers.

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Logo OnRuby


OnRuby is a no nagging, low maintenance, customizable, open-source alternative to Meetup for Ruby user groups.

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MEANS was started with the belief it should be easy for those with excess food to share it with those in need.

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Logo The Ruby Toolbox

The Ruby Toolbox

The Ruby Toolbox is a great collection of all kinds of useful tools out there for Ruby developers

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