Uptime Monitoring

Monitor application uptime from around the globe.

Uptime monitoring is your first line of defence against downtime. Ping your apps every minute from 4 locations around the world and receive alerts when something is down. Now you'll know before your users tell you.

Uptime monitoring screenshot of AppSignal APM

Free Status Page

Create a beautiful public status page for free.

Share your system uptime status with end-users with a beautiful status page. Pick the uptime checks you want to display and start communicating uptime with users effortlessly.


Public status pages are included for free, in all AppSignal plans. This should easily save your team a chunk of money, as well as limiting the number of services to maintain.

Uptime From Around the Globe

Four pinging locations. Every sixty seconds.

Ping your services from four locations around the world. This gives you a great overview of uptime and response times for users from Albuquerque to Zagreb.

Straightforward set-up.

Adding Uptime Checks

Straightforward set-up.

Add an uptime check in just a few seconds. Simply add any endpoint to monitor, and you'll start receiving alerts when your application is down.

Get uptime alerts in your tool of choice.

Uptime Alerts

Get uptime alerts in your tool of choice.

AppSignal integrates with all the tools developers use to communicate. Configure your alerts to reach the right team member when a specific endpoint goes down.

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    Getting started

    Grab control over downtime.

    Included in all plans

    Uptime is free and included in all plans. Note that it might drive up request counts if you do not ignore these requests.


    AppSignal uptime monitoring currently supports public HTTP and HTTPS endpoints. Read more in uptime monitoring documentation.

    Uptime metrics available

    Uptime monitoring uses our metrics system under the hood. Each uptime monitor emits metrics for availability and response times.

    Dev-to-dev support

    Need help setting up uptime monitoring? Our developer support team is happy to help you.

    Start your free trial

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    AppSignal offers a 30-day free trial, no credit card is required. All features are available in all plans. Start monitoring your application in just a few clicks!