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NestJS monitoring

Get real-time NestJS performance insights with AppSignal. Monitor performance, track errors, and be alerted to critical issues.

Key NestJS monitoring features

Error tracking

Track NestJS errors and receive alerts when they occur. Learn more

Performance monitoring

Monitor the performance of your app, and use deep insights to find and fix issues like slow database queries, memory leaks and slow controller actions. Learn more

Anomaly detection

Keep one step ahead with metric triggers that notify you when anomalies occur. Learn more

Metric dashboards

Visually monitor your NestJS app's health with metric dashboards. Learn more

In-depth NestJS monitoring

Squash bugs before they bite

Swiftly identify and address issues in your NestJS application. AppSignal's Error Tracking provides deep insights for data-driven debugging.

Screenshot of Nest.js error incident in Appsignal.

Real-time metrics at your Fingertips

Monitor your NestJS application's health with up-to-the-minute insights. AppSignal's performance samples make it easy to evaluate request and response performance.

Screenshot of active triggers for an Nest.js app.

Stay alert with triggers

Proactively monitor your NestJS application. Create triggers to alert you of anomalies in key performance metrics and be the first to know when something goes wrong.

Screenshot of active triggers for an Nest.js app.

Instant downtime alerts

Don't worry about downtime with AppSignal's Uptime Monitoring. AppSignal regularly checks your app from various locations, immediately notifying you if no response is detected.

Screenshot of AppSignal uptime monitoring.

Streamlined log management

Easily send your logs to AppSignal with little setup. AppSignal's intuitive UI helps you quickly inspect and filter through your logs to find issues.

Screenshot of AppSignal logging.

Why monitor NestJS?

Level-up your NestJS application's performance with AppSignal's Node.js APM. Get the insights you need to find and fix performance bottlenecks, bugs, exceptions, and sluggish database queries.

With features like Error Tracking, Anomaly Detection, Uptime Monitoring and Logging, AppSignal helps you confidently scale your NestJS application.

AppSignal NestJS monitoring helps you

Track errors and use Backtrace links and other insights to drill down to the exact cause of an error.
Detect and optimize slow database queries.
Spot and solve critical failures to avoid downtime.
Detect memory leaks and ensure optimal memory allocation.
Optimize your development flow by integrating your monitoring with GitHub, Slack, Discord, Jira, and more.
Identify and improve the performance of slow functions with in-depth metric insights.
Gain even deeper debugging insights with log management.

Start monitoring your NestJS app today

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