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WSGI and ASGI monitoring

AppSignal's Python APM provides invaluable insights into the performance of WGSI and ASGI applications. AppSignal's error and performance monitoring features to solve common WGSI and ASGI application issues, such as code exceptions and slow response times.

Key WSGI and ASGI monitoring features

Error tracking

Instant insights into when, where, and how frequently an error has occurred. Learn more

Performance monitoring

Remedy slow request and response times in WSGI and ASGI applications with AppSignal's performance monitoring. Learn more

Anomaly detection

Create metric triggers to notify you as soon as an anomaly occurs. Learn more

Metric dashboards

Visualize and track your application's performance with metric dashboards. Learn more

Why monitor WSGI and ASGI?

Enhance the responsiveness and scalability of WGSI and ASGI applications with AppSignal's Python APM. Monitoring WGSI and ASGI applications with AppSignal gives you instant access to actionable error and performance metrics.

AppSignal enables you to respond proactively to exception and performance problems, helping you build stable, scalable WGSI and ASGI applications.

AppSignal WSGI and ASGI monitoring helps you

Be alerted when issues happen and have the insights you need to handle them proactively.

Ensure your application can receive, handle, and respond to requests efficiently and effectively.

Use AppSignal attributes to tag performance and error samples for easy filtering and fine-tuning insights.

Gain event-level insights into the performance of your application's functions.

Understand how your application performs in the broader context of your stack.

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