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Look no further for the best alternative to Datadog.

Looking for a Datadog alternative? With simple pricing, amazing technical support, and a beautiful interface, AppSignal gives you more bark for your buck.

Datadog dashboardAppSignal dashboard

AppSignal makes monitoring simple

  • Simple pricing
  • Beautiful, clutter-free UI
  • Free dev-to-dev support
  • All APM features for all plans
  • Relaxed upgrade policy

Datadog is over-complicated and over-priced

  • 75+ plan prices
  • Complex UI
  • Tiered support
  • Price-walled APM features
  • Excess usage charges

APM tools comparison

Why developers choose AppSignal over Datadog.

AppSignal APM is the all-in-one Datadog alternative that helps teams focus on writing great code. Your team will have all the tools they need in one easy-to-use interface.




Error tracking
Complex cluttered interface, available with one of several "APM" or "Continuous Profiler plans".
A simple solution-focused UI with all the bug-fixing data you need.
Performance monitoring
Available with one of several "APM plans".
Host monitoring
Available with one of several "Infrastructure plans".
Anomaly detection
Referred to as Outlier Detection, available with one of several "Infrastructure plans".
Uptime monitoring
Only with a "Synthetic Monitoring plan".
Don't ping us, we'll ping you. Easily add monitors via our app with a simple, beautiful overview.
Metric dashboards
Automated dashboards
Referred to as out-of-the-box dashboards, you need to search for a dashboard that matches your stack.
Generated automatically based on the data you send us.

Core functionality



Deploy markers
Universally supported with a simple set-up.
Namespace monitoring
You need to use tags to filter your metric data instead.
Simple, no-fuss namespace set-up for all of our packages.
Filter data
What data is automatically obfuscated varies per integration.
Easily configured via denylist.
Custom metrics
Limited based on plan.




Free 30-day trial
14-day APM trial.
Includes all of our features.
Simple pricing
Not even AI can understand Datadog's pricing policies.
Flat, predictable pricing.
Relaxed upgrade policy
Datadog charges overage fees when you exceed your plan.
No surprise bills; we'll reach out when you're due an upgrade and make upgrading easy.
Free support
Support level depends on your plan.
Always talk to a real human!
Straightforward docs
Optimized for SEO.
Optimized for solving problems.
Free stroopwaffles
We checked all 75+ of Datadog's plans to be sure.
You send us metrics, and we'll send you FREE stroopwaffles, deal?

Simple Pricing with AppSignal

Straightforward all-in-one pricing.

Simply pay per request and get unlimited users, apps, teams, and all of our features in one easy-to-use tool. No complex pricing, metric limits, support plans or overage fees.

Logging Paid add-on1GB/month
APM € 18
Price per month€ 18

Designed for developers

Kiss goodbye to complex honeycomb displays! AppSignal's user-friendly UI was created with you in mind, with all our essential tools just a click away.

Free human support

At AppSignal, all customers enjoy free, unlimited dev-to-dev support, it's our mission to help organizations of all sizes get the most out of their metrics!

Flexible fair billing

Datadog charges overage fees when you exceed your plan's usage. Thanks to our flexible upgrade policy, there are no billing surprises at AppSignal.

Customer Stories

What our customers think

We love our customers, and they love us back. Over 1500+ development teams rely on AppSignal to ship code with confidence. Here's why AppSignal is a great alternative to Datadog if you ask our customers.

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Founding engineer, wawa fertility

After years of experience with Datadog, it’s been an absolute pleasure working in AppSignal. Looking forward to using it even more!

Sergio Tapa


Datadog's pricing is ridiculously complex. Prepare to not really know how much you're paying, how much you owe, and why. It's the AWS of metrics. If you need an APM, I recommend AppSignal. Predictable pricing, easy to use, and find the info you need.


Developer, Benuevo

Previously, we were using Honeybadger, Skylight, and Datadog, but now we have all those apps in one: AppSignal, and that is awesome!

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