Log Management

Context is key. Unlock the power of logs.

Collect application logs with ease. Use our developer-friendly interface to quickly filter logs and find the right log line. Inspect logging, errors, performance issues, anomalies, and server metrics all in one place.

log management interface by AppSignal

Store more context

You need maximum context when debugging. Logs offer insights you can't get any other way.

Log interesting data

Log all types of interesting data and events. Debug customer issues faster and easier.

Say goodbye to SSH

No more SSH-ing into servers and grepping log lines. Searching through logs is a breeze when the interface is clean.

Logging filters & search

Find logs that matter in a matter of seconds.

Our logging filter bar is quick and easy to use. No need to learn a new query language. Effortlessly find relevant log lines with just a few filters and our search box, making log management a breeze.

Logging severity charts

Detect patterns in logging volume and severities.

Easily detect patterns in your logs with AppSignal's page-wide chart. Visualize logging severities over time and catch sudden spikes in critical log lines. Click the bar chart to jump to the relevant timestamp in your logs.

Custom logging views

Save custom logging views for future debugging.

AppSignal automatically creates a view per logging source. Apply your own filters to create custom views. Make your log management more organized, and find the right logs to make debugging smoother.


Jump between logs, errors, slow requests, and metrics.

AppSignal combines logging, error tracking, performance monitoring, and server metrics in one tool. Find the root cause of issues faster with all the data you need in one place.

Logging + monitoring. + monitoring

Supported logging sources

Ingest logs from any source.

Effortlessly send logs to AppSignal. Choose from a variety of logging sources, including HTTP endpoint, hosting provider drainage, and more. And if you've got a special logging setup, just give us a shout - we're always happy to support new logging sources!

  • AWS Kinesis / CloudWatch

    Receive CloudWatch logs through AWS Kinesis

  • Clever Cloud

    Ingest your logs with the Clever Cloud CLI

  • Elixir

    Use the Elixir Logger to send logs to AppSignal

  • Gigalixir Log Drain

    Add a log drain to Gigalixir and send it to AppSignal

  • Heroku Log Drain

    Send logs to AppSignal with the Heroku CLI

  • HTTP

    Post logs to AppSignal's HTTP endpoint

  • Netlify

    Ingest your logs through the Netlify UI

  • Node.js

    Use the Node.js Logger to send logs to AppSignal

  • Ruby

    Use the Ruby Logger or Rails Logger to send logs to AppSignal

  • Scalingo Log Drain

    Ingest your logs through the Scalingo CLI

  • Syslog

    Ingest your logs with the TLS Syslog protocol

  • Vercel

    Ingest your logs through the Vercel UI

Logging for power users

Smart details. Quick debugging.

Our log management is packed with smart details that make it easier to drill down and quickly identify patterns in your logs. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just getting started, our logging interface will save you time and effort.

Image of Click a chart to filter feature

Click a chart to filter

Spot an anomaly? Zoom in with ease. Click on any bar chart and view logs around that timeframe.

Image of Link to any log line feature

Link to any log line

Need to share logs? Expand the log line and copy the deep link. Send it, and you're done!

Image ofCopy JSON feature


Need JSON? We got you. Click the button to copy, and paste the JSON where you need it.

Image of Add attributes feature

Add attributes

More context means better debugging. Add attributes to log lines, and get a powerful tool for filtering your logs.

Complete log management

Unlock your logs.

AppSignal's logging has everything you need for quick, efficient log management. From advanced filtering to intuitive charts, our interface makes it easy to drill down and identify patterns.

Save views


Link to any logline



Time Detective

Link to any logline


Time frame

Customized view


Manage sources

Save views


Time Detective

Link to any logline



Time frame

Customized view



Time frame

Customized view

Copy link

Jump to date



Time Detective

Link to any logline


Time frame

Customized view


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Log management made easy.

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