Anomaly Detection

Set smart alerts on misbehaving metrics.

Anomaly detection is the best way to avoid surprises. Get alerted in real-time when metrics go over their limits. Up to date > too late.

Metric alerts with anomaly detection screenshot of AppSignal APM

Getting Started

Enable one of many available triggers.

AppSignal collects loads of performance metrics out of the box. Enable one of the default alerts on metrics that are important to you. Now you can run Ruby, Elixir, and Node.js apps with confidence.

Error metrics

  • Error rate
  • Error rate per namespace
  • Error count
  • Error count per namespace

Performance metrics

  • Throughput
  • Throughput per namespace
  • Action/controller performance
  • Queue time
  • Queue time per namespace

Custom metrics

  • Host metrics
  • CPU usage
  • Disk I/O and usage
  • Load average
  • Memory usage
  • Swap usage
  • Network traffic

Custom metrics

With our custom metrics feature, you can monitor any metric you like. When you combine this with anomaly detection, you'll get alerts for the metrics that are most important for your application's health.

Alert Configuration

Avoid noisy alerts with warmups and cooldowns.

Stop drowning in noisy notifications, hello inbox zero. AppSignal’s configuration options make sure you receive the right alerts at the right time.

Warmups before alerts

Configure how soon you get an alert after a metric goes out of its limits. Avoid alerts for short spikes in metrics.

Ongoing alert

Cooldown after incidents

Prevent multiple alerts in a row by setting a cooldown. We’ll create one longer incident instead of multiple short ones.

Alert ended

What our customers think

1500+ development teams rely on AppSignal to ship code with confidence. We are sharing a few of their stories with you.

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  • "Really, really enjoying AppSignal. Great customer support."
  • "I really appreciate your attitude with the upgrade policy, good job!"
  • "Hands down, some of the best customer support I’ve ever received."
  • "I like the request-based pricing rather than the host-based pricing other tools offer."
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Link to related dashboards.

Link Dashboards

Link to related dashboards.

Link your alerts to specific dashboards to inspect related metrics and debug issues faster.

Add debugging notes.

Add Notes

Add debugging notes.

Add a few lines of debugging information for when an alert goes off. Your future self and your colleagues will thank you later.

Get metric alerts in your tool of choice.


Get metric alerts in your tool of choice.

Stop drowning in noisy notifications, hello inbox zero. AppSignal’s configuration options make sure you receive the right alerts at the right time.

Getting started

Bye bye surprises. Hello metric alerts.

Set metrics on anything

Configure unlimited metric alerts on any application metric you can track.

Included in all plans

We keep our plans simple and affordable. That’s why triggers are available in all plan sizes, for free.

For Ruby, Elixir & Node.js

Metric alerts work out of the box for all supported languages and frameworks.

Dev-to-dev support

Need help setting up anomaly detection? Our developer support team is happy to help you.

Your next incident could use AppSignal.

  • All plans include all features
  • Starts at $19 / €15 a month
  • 30-day free trial – no CC needed
Screenshot of an error incident page of AppSignal

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