Python Application Monitoring

Powerful Python monitoring

AppSignal is a powerful Python APM that helps you optimize the performance of your Python applications. AppSignal has all the tools you need to track errors, improve application performance, make tasks run faster, and much more.

Python performance monitoring

Improve the performance of your Python apps

AppSignal transforms your Python metrics into actionable insights, helping you optimize your application's performance. Visualize critical metrics using custom dashboards, set up alert triggers for exceptions and anomalies, delve into code performance with the event timeline, and so much more.

Stay informed, avoid alert fatigue

Anomaly detection

Stay informed, avoid alert fatigue

Create conditional metric triggers to notify you when Python exceptions occur or limits are reached. AppSignal is the Python APM that filters out the noise, enabling you to focus on the metrics that matter.
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Event-level performance insights

Performance monitoring

Event-level performance insights

No need to use Python debugger. AppSignal gives you event-level insights into your code's performance, helping you understand what was slow, where it was slow and why it was slow.
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Monitor your metrics in real-time

Metric dashboards

Monitor your metrics in real-time

Visualize success with metric dashboards. Create dashboards to monitor the Python metrics that matter, track errors with ease, and gain instant visual insights into your application's performance.
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All-in-one APM

Python monitoring made simple.

What our customers think

1500+ development teams rely on AppSignal to ship code with confidence. We are sharing a few of their stories with you.

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    The developer driven Python APM

    With AppSignal you can

    Visualize Python metrics

    Create custom dashboards that track key metrics such as real-time response times.

    Measure what matters

    AppSignal is the Python APM with all the tools you need to track any data point within your application.

    Monitor popular Python packages

    From Django to Starlette, AppSignal's Python monitoring supports a wide range of popular packages, giving you deep insights into your application's behavior.

    Gain background task insights

    AppSignal's Celery support gives you actionable insights into background task performance.

    Enjoy exceptional error reporting

    AppSignal puts your monitoring data in context, helping you easily get to the bottom of errors and exceptions.

    Always be alert

    Say goodbye to Python performance paranoia. AppSignal integrates with services like PagerDuty to notify you when critical performance problems occur.

    Monitor Redis in real-time

    Keep your Redis cache under control. AppSignal's Redis support helps you understand and optimize your application's Redis query performance.

    Hone in your hosts

    AppSignal Host Monitoring gives you a 360° view of your host metrics, allowing you to harmonize your hardware and software needs.

    5-Minute Python APM

    Zero-effort installation for all major Python frameworks.

    AppSignal is built for ease of use. The installation is effortless, and we'll set most things up automatically. You'll be monitoring exceptions and performance in no time.

    # Add AppSignal to requirements.txt file
    # Run the following commands to install AppSignal
    pip install -r requirements.txt
    python -m appsignal install

    Start your free trial

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