Ruby, Elixir & Node.js Host Monitoring

Get a 360° view of your host metrics.

Software can only run with hardware, whether it's shared or completely self-managed. Our hardware monitoring keeps an eye on all the metrics for all your servers.

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All Host Metrics

One complete picture of your hardware.

AppSignal provides you with metrics for all your hosts. Stop using separate and complicated host monitoring tools. Simply run AppSignal and get host data alongside your errors and performance insights. In real-time, but also for two days or two years ago.

CPU usage

Get information about CPU usage, now or in the past.

Disk I/O

Check disk performance at any given moment.

Disk usage

Are your disks half full or half empty? Find out easily.

Load average

Use load average insights to know if you need to scale up.

Memory usage

How is your memory holding up? See how much is being used.

Network usage

Need a bigger pipe? Keep track of data sent and received.

Inspect and compare hosts.

Drill down

Inspect and compare hosts.

Get a quick overview of your hosts with the most important metrics. Drill down into a specific app, or compare multiple hosts to find which host is not behaving as it should.

CPU, disk, network, memory.


CPU, disk, network, memory.

Compare all host metrics you can think of. The graphs make it easy to spot outliers and identify under-performing hardware.

Host metric context

Check host metrics for troublesome requests.

Sometimes issues are caused by your hosts running amok. That's why we keep track of host metrics for each error sample. Discover when to optimize your infrastructure before blaming lines of code.

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