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Get more insights into your Ruby, Elixir & Node.js apps with our JavaScript error tracker.

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We've built JS error tracking from the ground up. Clean, lightweight, and with great support for the frameworks you use to build JavaScript applications.

And of course you can also monitor errors for plain JavaScript!

Real-time alerts.

Get alerted as soon as errors happen.

When errors happen in your application, you need to know instantly. Receive alerts where your team works, whether that is email, Slack, Discord or another messaging platform.

Detailed JavaScript error reports

Find the root cause of errors.

We save error details and provide you with the information to drill down to the root cause. Look at other occurrences of the same error to discover patterns. Tag errors with user ID's or anything else to make debugging easier, and add links back to your CRM to follow-up on affected users.

Error message

The error message is shown at the start of the page.

Request details

See the hostname, path, request ID and other information that was saved for this request.


Find out what happened in your user's browser before an exception occurred.

Change issue status

Set issue status and notifications preferences.

Send to issue tracker

Using an issue tracker? Send it to one of our many integrations!

Browse saved samples

We keep track of every occurrence of the exception, so you can inspect and compare.

Full context


Front-end errors can be quirky. Getting as much context on what happened as possible is helpful in debugging. With breadcrumbs, we track what happened before the exception occurred.

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Avatar portrait of Stefan Dorresteijn Stefan Dorresteijn @StefanJD

Man, AppSignal is an absolute godsend. Just fixed 2 errors in production, 2 minutes after they happened.

Avatar portrait of Saul Costa Saul Costa @SaulDCosta

AppSignal your "What Happened Here?" feature is pure gold. Just turned what would have been hours of debugging into minutes. I love you.

Avatar portrait of Parker Wrightman Parker Wightman @parkerwightman

Really, really enjoying AppSignal. Great customer support, reliable, regular and thoughtful product improvements.

Avatar portrait of Matt Handerson Matt Henderson @dafacto

Hands down, some of the best customer support Iโ€™ve ever received is from AppSignal. In my view, theyโ€™ve set the standard.

Avatar portrait of Julia Nadias Juliana Dias @juuh42dias

I'm very impressed with AppSignal <3 AppSignal congrats for your product ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Logo of Uplaunch UpLaunch @uplaunch

AppSignal that moment when I can hit up a client telling them about their error before they even submit a ticket. Thanks for being awesome

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