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Complete & customizable monitoring for Elixir.

We monitor your favorite Elixir frameworks and infrastructure:

All-in-one APM

Monitoring can be so much simpler.

When the bits hit the fan, developers need clear and focused insights. AppSignal combines 6 powerful monitoring features into one powerful APM — all in an easy to use interface.Bonus: All features are included in all plans.

What our customers think

1500+ development teams rely on AppSignal to ship code with confidence. We are sharing a few of their stories with you.

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    5-Minute APM

    Installation without
    the frustration.

    AppSignal is built for ease of use. The installation is effortless and we'll set most things up automatically. You'll be monitoring exceptions and performance in no-time.

    # Add to mix.exs
    def deps do
    [{:appsignal, "~> 1.0"}]
    # Elixir installation
    mix deps.get
    mix appsignal.install YOUR_PUSH_API_KEY

    Lightweight agent

    AppSignal's monitoring agent is built with Rust. It's lightweight, stable and already runs in thousands of applications.

    Dev-to-dev support

    If you need us, we’re there for you. We’re committed to making AppSignal monitoring great for you and your team.

    GDPR Compatible

    Got customers in the EU? Our data processing is GDPR compliant.

    99.999% Uptime

    If there’s one thing you need to trust, it’s your APM. We're ready to help you monitor, at every scale.

    Elixir blog

    Our best Elixir articles

    AppSignal writes high-quality articles about programming in Elixir on our blog. This is a collection of our best articles.

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