Koa Performance Monitoring

Easy and powerful Koa middleware monitoring

Get insights into the performance of your Koa application and cascading middlewares.

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Koa Middleware Performance Monitoring

Monitor and debug Koa middleware performance

Get notified about long Koa middleware response times

Get notified about long Koa middleware response times

AppSignal automatically instruments and monitors middleware response times. In the slow events screen, you can dive in and see where throughput is an issue. Set triggers and alerts for any value on any graph in AppSignal.

Set up alerts for Koa memory leaks

Set up alerts for Koa memory leaks

AppSignal automatically provides a dashboard that monitors your heap. Set up alerts and get notified through Slack, email, or another channel of your choice when total heap size gets too big.

View duration and throughput per route

View duration and throughput per route

Inspect duration and throughput per route in easy-to-read charts. Figure out what middleware is performing badly.

Dive deep into Koa middleware issues with the event timeline

To debug any performance problems in your Koa application, click on any peak in a graph, go to a performance issue, and view the event timeline. You'll see a breakdown of the time it takes for each piece of middleware to execute and where you can improve performance.

Event timeline of Koa route

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    Easy APM Installation

    Installation without the frustration

    Just run our CLI installer on your Node.js project and we’ll guide you through installation.

    // Install AppSignal
    npx @appsignal/cli install
    // Initialize AppSignal
    const { Appsignal } = require("@appsignal/nodejs")
    const appsignal = new Appsignal({
      active: true,
      pushApiKey: "YOUR API KEY"

    Then check the Koa docs for details on where to require and initialize AppSignal in your code.

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