Upgrade Policy

Each AppSignal plan comes with a request limit. This means that you pay for a certain number of requests to be processed by us, even though at the moment we don't enforce this as a hard limit. If you exceed this limit repeatedly though, we will require you to upgrade to either the next or a custom plan, or to adjust your usage pattern. Read on to learn more about this process.

For Logging, the first 1GB is free, and we charge for each 10GB bucket after that. The same soft limit applies, and we will only reach out about upgrading if you go over this repeatedly.

No hard limits

Say you're on our 3M plan, which comes with a limit of 3 million monthly requests. Your awesome product ends up on Hacker News, and your traffic spikes for a few days, skyrocketing your requests to 8 million. Good for you! Because we don't enforce hard limits at the moment, you won't suddenly lose vital exception and performance metrics after you've exhausted your 3 million requests. We know that information is important to you, and that part of the value we provide stems from painting a complete picture. Only if things get out of hand and could harm our systems or infrastructure, we'll temporary halt processing your requests and notify you about it immediately.

Regularly exceeding your plan's limit

When you exceed your request limit by more than 10% for at least two of the three most recent months, we consider that to be "regularly". At that point we'll contact you to bring this up and offer a few options for handling this:

  • You upgrade to the next available plan (or tell us to do that for you).
  • You inquire about a custom plan, because our standard plan limits don't fit your needs.
  • For APM, you can ignore some actions to reduce the number of requests we process for you.
  • For Logging, you can reduce the amount of logs you send to AppSignal. You can read our Learning Center article on log storage for tips on how to do this.
  • You explain how this is a special situation and won't be an ongoing issue, and we'll likely be cool with that.

Automatic upgrade if you don't choose an option

If no action is taken, we will automatically upgrade you to the next plan, or a fitting custom plan, and notify you by email. You can read more about this in our documentation.

If you have any questions or concerns about this Upgrade Policy, please contact us and we'll talk some more. We're pretty easy-going!