AppSignal for Slack

Never miss an error with AppSignal for Slack.

AppSignal loves Slack, just like you do. And the things you love deserve special attention. It used to be hard to monitor your production apps. With our Slack app, you're will never miss an error.

Get insights into your apps.

Real-Time Alerts

Get insights into your apps.

Never miss another error or slow request. When there's an issue in your apps, get notified in your team's Slack immediately.


Get notified right away.

Notifications for everything

Whether it's an error, performance measurement or Anomaly detection alert, you'll get notified as it happens.

Notifications where you want them

With our Slack app you get the notifications where you want them, in your Slack channels with the rest of your team.

Getting Set Up

Install our Slack app.

Setting up our Slack integration is a short process to add the AppSignal app to your Slack team.

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All-In-One APM

All features available in all plans.

That's right, you don't need to upgrade to use features. All the tools you need to monitor your app are featured in each plan.

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AppSignal offers a 30-day free trial, no credit card is required. All features are available in all plans. Start monitoring your application in just a few clicks!