Blog Content Editor

  • Working hours in the CET timezone
  • Full-time (Remote)

AppSignal has a new opening for a blog content editor in our growth team. As an editor, you’ll find and coordinate technical authors, manage the publishing calendar, copyedit articles, and help us improve our blog in general.

AppSignal is a product that helps software developers monitor their web applications. We are used by thousands of developers around the world. Our company is built on a strong foundation of vision and values. We spend time and effort developing and maintaining this. We prioritize impact over ego and status. We are open about our flaws and we constantly improve the way we work. We hope you too are relaxed, honest, and down to earth.

We have been working remotely since 2013. Most of us rent an office outside of our home with a budget provided by AppSignal—this helps us keep work and private separate. We have team members in five different countries. AppSignal is a growing company. We are fueled by revenue, without leaning on venture capital, and are here for the long run.

The role, experience, responsibility, and impact

Our vision for marketing is “Amazing Impressions”. Instead of boring advertising, we believe in helping potential customers at every touchpoint we have. In practice, we do that mostly with our blog which helps developers get to know us in the process.

Your level of experience

The role is suitable for people with a few years of experience as an editor, content marketer, or journalist. This opening is a great opportunity for someone who combines editorial and writing skills with an interest in programming. Your role will be facilitating the creation of great content about the Ruby, Elixir, and JavaScript programming languages (plus other languages in the future), so we can reach more and more developers.

Please apply even if you doubt if you are experienced enough. We would hate to miss out on an amazing applicant because you underestimated yourself!

Your responsibilities

You will be working in a small team in the following areas:

  • Expanding our author base

    We already have a list of regular authors but we’re looking forward to collaborating with more developers who enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. You’ll be expanding our outreach list and managing the process itself.

  • Managing the editorial calendar

    You’ll be working on deadlines with the authors and managing the timeline for publishing each post. Our internal developers are also technical editors, and you’ll be making sure that their feedback is processed and that the posts meet our formatting guidelines as well.

  • Guarding the quality of our blog

    Once the post is approved by our tech editors, you’ll be taking it to the next level with your copyeditting copyediting skills. Not all amazing developers are amazing writers and you will be there to support them in creating well-written articles.

  • Staying open to learning new things You’re encouraged to check out the posts we already have on our blog. The topics are developer-oriented and very technical, but you shouldn’t be put off by this. We’ll be here to help you learn the ropes of the development world.

This is what you have to offer

  • You combine editorial and writing skills with an interest in programming.
  • You like working in a remote environment.
  • Your English communication skills, both in speaking and writing, are native or near-native.
  • You are good at multitasking. I.e. you can maintain communication with multiple authors and manage the editorial calendar based on what their estimates are.
  • You can spot a missing Oxford comma from a mile away.
  • You can make any article more fun and easier to read.
  • You like to combine hands-on editing with thinking about the bigger picture.
  • You like to work in a way that makes the world a bit better, in a team that tries to make things better for developers and ourselves every week.
  • AppSignal is a remote company. Our team works from home or a desk/office in a workspace nearby. We meet (under normal, non-COVID circumstances) once a quarter in The Netherlands so you’ll need to be willing and able to travel (expense covered).
  • This is a remote job, but you’ll have a budget to rent a workplace, because we believe working remotely can be better when not-from-home.
  • You like to work at an informal company (no, that's not a codeword for chaos in the workplace; we've been running businesses since 2002).
  • You like to work in a growing, profitable company with a proven business model and an experienced team (we don't need to chase VC money to survive).
  • You like working with developers, designers, and customer care folks.
  • You like to develop yourself. Our team and team members receive coaching by a professional coaching company, and we offer a training budget so you can keep learning.

This is what we have to offer

  • Competitive salary, based on skills and experience.
  • Budget to rent a workplace, because we believe working remotely can be better when not-from-home.
  • Unlimited vacation days (with a minimum of 20 days).
  • Personal development budget (books, courses, conferences).
  • Room to grow: There are constant opportunities to learn more and take on new responsibilities.
  • You’ll be employed directly at AppSignal, through an EOR (Employer of Record), or through long-term contracting. We’ll find a fitting -solution together, based on your location and personal preferences.

Welcoming company

We're a company of people from all sorts of education and backgrounds. Each with our own talents and flaws. But we would love to be even more diverse in thought and background. And more diverse in talents and flaws as well 😉

We welcome people of all backgrounds, ages, genders, and orientations to apply for this position. Join us if you value a company where you can feel safe, and work together with a team full of diverse ideas. We want you to feel that you make a difference by doing your best work and that the rest of the team also sees and values that.

If you have any questions about what it’s like to work at AppSignal, you’re welcome to contact one of our internal counselors. Your questions will stay confidential, not be shared internally, and will certainly not influence your hiring chances.

Why you'll love working with us

At AppSignal we try to be amazing in everything we do. From design, the blog, to code quality, and support, our upgrade policies, and business operations.

If you like how we work together at AppSignal, you should apply. Our salaries are competitive and we have some great perks, but our vision and culture should be the primary reason you want to work with us.

Applying from outside the Netherlands/CET timezone

For this role we prefer applicants to reside within the CET±4h timezone. This is a remote job, but we occasionally meet in the Netherlands. We prefer that you reside at a reasonable travel distance (train journey or short flight, expenses covered).

This job is closed

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