Designer (UX / UI)

  • Working hours in the CET timezone
  • Full-time (Remote)

AppSignal provides amazing insights into the workings and effects of applications. We do this by offering All-in-One Ruby & Elixir Application Monitoring, as well as JavaScript Front-end Error Monitoring. Our service is used by thousands of developers around the world to catch errors, track performance, monitor hosts, collect metrics and get alerted.

Our company is built on a strong foundation of a vision and values. We spend time and effort developing and maintaining this. We prioritize impact over ego and status. We are open about our flaws and we constantly improve the way we work. We hope you too are relaxed, honest and down to earth. If you are excited by what AppSignal is building, you should definitely apply for this position.

AppSignal is a fast growing company. We’re fueled by profit, without leaning on Venture Capital. We’re here for the long run.

The role, responsibility and impact

AppSignal has a new position for a UI/UX designer. As a designer, you’ll work closely with the development team to design new features and improve current ones. You’ll also work with the Growth team to improve our marketing pages, blog design, and you may be involved in creating other marketing materials such as stickers, conference stands or T-shirts.

This is a great job for a designer with a broad skill set, who is hands-on and likes to take responsibility within a team that is committed to quality. As a designer, you’ll take over many of the design responsibilities that currently lie with one of our founders, who will focus more on product management. He’ll be your (sparring) partner, so you won’t work in isolation as a designer.

This role is amazing for someone who wants their designs to be implemented and shipped at a quick pace, as opposed to spending weeks on end designing without anything going live. That being said, we do appreciate you taking time for deep thought and getting to the bottom of complicated challenges.

You will need to have enough experience to start and coordinate your own projects and guide our product team towards better solutions. You will also need to be able to help create plans to bring our product to the next level. This probably means you have more than 3 years of working experience in a similar role.

Your tasks and responsibilities

  • (Re)Design features
    • Work with the developers, customers and product management to deeply understand the problems we’re trying to solve
    • Iterate on different possible solutions
    • Guide the team in finding the right, amazing and shippable solution
    • Support the team in the building phase, solving new problems that come up, or choosing pragmatic new solutions when technical limitations come up
    • Work with product management to understand the problems that are most important to solve
  • Design marketing pages
    • Analyze, improve and test alternatives for our homepage
    • Create new landing pages for campaigns
  • Create and maintain our design system
    • AppSignal is currently implementing a design system:
    • Help design and build styles and components
    • Apply them to our homepage, blog, docs and application

Other responsibilities

  • Marketing design
    • Every year, we attend and/or sponsor a few conferences where you may:
    • Help come up with creative concepts
    • Design banners, stands, T-shirts
  • Front-end (HTML/CSS)
    Our product is built for developers, by developers. It would be great if you have some knowledge on building and styling HTML. It will help you work more closely with the developers. We do not expect you to be a fully-fledged front-end developer.

In addition, we’d love to hear your ideas on how to run our design process even smoother, and we’ll provide the means to implement those amazing ideas.

This is what you have to offer

  • You can communicate well in English, in speaking and writing.
  • You like to work in a hands-on capacity, but also think about the bigger picture.
  • You like to work in a way that makes the world a bit better, in a team that tries to make things better for developers and ourselves every day.
  • This is a remote job, but we meet once a month in Amsterdam, Utrecht or The Hague, so you need to reside at a reasonable travel distance (expenses covered).
  • You like to work at an informal company (no, that's not a codeword for chaos in the workplace; we've been running businesses since 2002).
  • You like to work in a growing, profitable company with a proven business model and an experienced team.
  • You like working with developers, designers, customer care folks and finance people.
  • You like to develop yourself. Our team and team members receive coaching by a professional coaching company, and we offer a personal development budget so you can keep learning.

This is what we have to offer

  • Competitive salary, based on skills and experience.
  • Budget to rent a workplace, because we believe working remotely can be better when not-from-home.
  • Unlimited vacation days (20-day minimum).
  • Personal development budget.

Welcoming company

We're a company of people from all sorts of education and backgrounds. Each with our own talents and flaws. But we would love to be even more diverse in thought and background. And more diverse in talents and flaws ;-)

We welcome people of all backgrounds, ages, genders and orientations to apply for this position. Join us if you value a company where you can feel safe, and work together with a team full of diverse ideas. We want you to feel that you make a difference by doing your best work, and that the rest of the team also sees and values that.

Why you'll love working with us

At AppSignal we don't only help developers, but try to be amazing in everything we do. From design, the blog, to code quality, to support, our upgrade policies and business operations.

If you love how we work together at AppSignal, you should apply. Though our salaries are competitive and we have some great perks, our vision and culture should be the primary reason you want to work with us, as opposed to money, status or power.

Applying from outside the Netherlands

In the future, we want to become a fully remote company, spread out over different time zones. In the current phase of our company, we have experienced great benefits in meeting face to face regularly. We welcome applicants from other regions, but the ability to attend meetings in person regularly is a factor in our decisions.

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