React Product Developer

  • Working hours in the CET timezone
  • Full-time (Remote)

AppSignal is a product that helps software developers to fix errors in their web applications, improve performance, and more. We are used by thousands of developers around the world.

Our company is built on a strong foundation of vision and values. We spend time and effort developing and maintaining this. We prioritize impact over ego and status. We are open about our flaws and we constantly improve the way we work. We hope you too are relaxed, honest, and down to earth.

We have been working remote since 2013. Most of us rent an office outside of our home with a budget provided by AppSignal—this helps us keep work and private separate. We have team members in five different countries. AppSignal is a growing company. We are fueled by revenue, without leaning on venture capital. We are here for the long run.

The role and responsibilities

AppSignal has a new opening for a React (plus some Ruby on Rails) developer on our product team. In this team, you will be working with other developers and designers to create the best possible application monitoring experience. You’ll mostly be working on, the React/Ruby on Rails web monitoring interface (more details below, under “our tech stack”).

Your level of experience

The role is suitable for mid-level and senior developers. You should be comfortable joining an existing codebase and help us improve and ship new features.

Please apply even if you doubt if you are experienced enough. We would hate to miss out on an amazing developer because you underestimated yourself!

Our tech stack, and what you’ll work on

AppSignal processes and monitors 100+ billion requests per month. Data flows from the integrations (maintained by our integrations team) through our data processor (maintained by our processing team) to our database and our user-facing product. This is where you come in!

You’ll be working on the user-facing part of the product, but will collaborate with other developers in other teams as well. Our stack currently consists of React (80%) and Ruby on Rails (20%) tied together by GraphQL. You work will lean heavily towards the React side of things, with occasional work on the Rails/API side if needed. We use an internally developed design system based on a TailwindCSS architecture.

Your responsibilities

You will be working in a small team in the following areas:

  • Developing new features

    AppSignal is a well-rounded product, but we are still adding features to make it more useful. You will be working with developers and a product manager to build and roll out new features.

  • Improving existing features

    We want all of our features to work smoothly out of the box, and be powerful for all kinds of use cases. This is why we regularly upgrade existing features.

  • Guarding the quality of our codebase

    Our codebase is alive and has been for the last 8+ years. It needs care and attention from developers to be a pleasure to work on and for users to be lightning-quick. After all, we monitor AppSignal’s performance with AppSignal!

  • Blog, docs & homepage

    Our blog, documentation, and homepage are content-heavy but sometimes need some development work. This is not the biggest part of the work, but does need attention every once in a while. You’ll also contribute to the docs about new features and updates we’ve made.

This is what you have to offer

  • You are a mid-level/senior developer
  • You have experience writing React code
  • You have experience with Ruby on Rails is a plus (we'll help you learn it)
  • You have experience working with HTML/CSS although it’s not expected of you to write CSS yourself
  • You are able to work with technical choices that are sometimes not 100% to your preference. We rather build features than do major code rewrites ;-)
  • Excellent English communication skills, in speaking and writing.
  • You love (to start) working in a remote team.
  • You love the development community and would like to work on developer tools.
  • You like to work in a way that makes the world a bit better, in a team that tries to make things better for developers and ourselves every day.
  • This is a remote job, but we occassionally meet (under normal, non-COVID circumstances) in The Netherlands so you’ll need to be willing and able to travel (expense covered).
  • You like to work at an informal company (no, that's not a codeword for chaos in the workplace; we've been running businesses since 2002).
  • You like to work in a growing, profitable company with a proven business model and an experienced team.
  • You like working with developers, designers, customer care folks and finance people.
  • You like to develop yourself. Our team and team members receive coaching by a professional coaching company, and we offer a personal development budget so you can keep learning.

This is what we have to offer

  • Competitive salary, based on skills and experience.
  • Budget to rent a workplace, because we believe working remotely can be better when not-from-home.
  • Unlimited vacation days (with a minimum of 20 days).
  • Personal development budget (books, courses, conferences).
  • Room to grow: There are constant opportunities to learn more and take on new responsibilities.
  • You’ll be employed directly at AppSignal, through an EOR, or through long-term contracting based on your location and personal preferences.

Welcoming company

We're a company of people from all sorts of education and backgrounds. Each with our own talents and flaws. But we would love to be even more diverse in thought and background. And more diverse in talents and flaws too ;-)

We welcome people of all backgrounds, ages, genders, and orientations to apply for this position. Join us if you value a company where you can feel safe, and work together with a team full of diverse ideas. We want you to feel that you make a difference by doing your best work and that the rest of the team also sees and values that.

If you have any questions about what it’s like to work at AppSignal, you’re welcome to contact [one of our internal counselors](","). Your questions will stay confidential, not be shared internally, and will certainly not influence your hiring chances.

Why you'll love working with us

At AppSignal we do more than help developers, and try to be amazing in everything we do. From design, the blog, to code quality, and support, our upgrade policies and business operations.

If you like how we work together at AppSignal, you should apply. Our salaries are competitive and we have some great perks, but our vision and culture should be the primary reason you want to work with us.

Applying from outside the Netherlands

For this role we prefer applicants to reside (and work) within the CET±3h timezone. This is a remote job, but we occasionally meet in the Netherlands. We prefer that you reside at a reasonable travel distance (train journey or short flight, expenses covered), but feel free to apply even if you live a bit further away.

This job is closed

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