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Better Team Communication

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AppSignal helps your team communicate without any effort, keeping all communication and context in one place. We help your team spend less time in meetings, find the right information faster, and maintain focus on the code that helps your business grow.

Works where your team works

AppSignal integrates with the most common developer tools for collaboration and communication. With a few clicks, you'll be sending alerts and incidents to your tools of choice.

Send issues to your issue tracker

Send AppSignal incidents to your external issue tracker. We'll create a new issue/ticket with all the details and a link back to AppSignal. Here's a list of services we integrate with:

  • Asana
  • Shortcut
  • Flowdock
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Jira
  • Phabricator
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • Trello

Send notifications to your chat application

A little secret: we don't really love email ourselves. Getting direct notifications in a chat application of your choice is an easier way to manage alerts. AppSignal also has powerful ways to set up your notifications, so your communication channel isn't spammed all day long.

Here's a full list of tools we integrate with:

  • Discord
  • Google Hangouts Chat
  • Intercom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • OpsGenie
  • PagerDuty
  • Slack
  • Squadcast
  • Webhook

Sharing information around incidents

Sharing information about incidents often happens in informal ways. A chat message in Slack, an issue on Github, or an email thread with a few developers. AppSignal has great features around communication and knowledge sharing. Your team can now gather all information in one place instead of going on an information treasure hunt.

Add incident descriptions

First of all, every error or performance issue has a textfield to add an incident description. This is a great place to suggest steps for debugging, or sharing a fix in case this error occurs again. When using the Anomaly Detection feature, you can add a similar description and link an alert to a relevant dashboard.

anomaly detection screen in AppSignal
Anomaly detection screen in AppSignal

Keep incident notes in a logbook

Every error or performance incident has an interactive logbook that shows you a full history. The timeline includes your team's comments, state changes (open/wip/closed), severity changes, and information about sent and failed notifications. If you're new to a project or an issue, you will be up to speed in no-time.

logbook screen in AppSignal
Logbook in AppSignal

Add markers for significant events to graphs

Each graph has a small timeline on the x-axis that shows deployments. If you wish to add additional context, you can add a marker to the timeline with an emoji attached to it. You might want to let people know that there was a πŸ”₯ fire in your datacenter or you πŸš€ shipped a new version.

Assign team members and triage for severity

Assign issues to team members so that no issue falls through the cracks. You'll find all issues assigned to you in one single overview. Additionally, assign a severity to issues to let your team know how critical it is to fix something now.

Linking and sharing with your team

AppSignal enables you to share data with your internal systems:

Users are often impacted by errors. A link template is a way to create dynamic links from incidents to your own internal systems. For example, you can go from a request that is tagged with user_id: 123 to url.com/user/123. This way makes it easy to contact a user for debugging or communication purposes.

Link templates screen in AppSignal
Link templates in AppSignal

We made sure that every screen and state inside of AppSignal is linkable. Sharing a link always brings your coworker to the same screen/state you're looking at, even after changing filters or selecting a timeframe. This makes sharing debugging information just a bit easier.

Share graphs with ease

Every graph can be shared as an image in seconds. Simply click the share button on any graph, and you can either download the image or copy a shareable URL. The shared graph includes min, max, and average ranges over the shared graph.

Your development team on the same page

Great communication is the foundation for having productivity and focus as a development team. AppSignal helps development teams improve communication around monitoring. Gather your knowledge and communication in one place, instead of scattered all over the place.

Talking about communication, feel free to contact us (support@appsignal.com) and chat about the problems you're trying to solve in your team. If you're ready to try AppSignal, we have a 30-day free trial.

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