Improving AppSignal, one deploy at a time.

Aug 28, 2023

Installer fix using `python -m appsignal`



  • Fix CLI using python -m appsignal. It would error with a ModuleNotFoundError.

See the Python package 0.2.3 changelog for more information.

Aug 22, 2023

Ports and host role config options



  • Add the statsd_port config option to change the StatsD UDP server port of the appsignal-agent process. By default the port is set to 8125.
  • Add the host_role config option. This config option can be set per host to generate some metrics automatically per host and possibly do things like grouping in the future.
  • Add the OpenTelemetry HTTP server port config option (opentelemetry_port) to configure on which port the appsignal-agent server process will listen for OpenTelemetry data from the HTTP exporter. This can be used to configure two apps on the same machine to use different ports so it's possible to run two AppSignal apps on the same machine. See our Running multiple applications on one host docs page for more information.


  • Bump agent to version d789895.
    • Increase short data truncation from 2000 to 10000 characters.

See the Python package 0.2.2 changelog for more information.

Aug 14, 2023

Deprecate appsignal-beta package


Warn if the appsignal-beta package is present in the dependencies list to nudge people into switching to the new appsignal package. If you have appsignal-beta as a dependency in your project, please update it to say appsignal instead.

See the Python package 0.2.1 changelog for more information.

Aug 11, 2023

New Python package name!


In this release we've renamed the AppSignal for Python package to appsignal (previously appsignal-beta)! Please update your dependencies (for example, in requirements.txt) accordingly.


  • Use RENDER_GIT_COMMIT environment variable as revision if no revision is specified.
  • Allow configuration of the agent's TCP and UDP servers using the bind_address config option. This is by default set to, which only makes it accessible from the same host. If you want it to be accessible from other machines, use or a specific IP address.
  • Report total CPU usage host metric for VMs. This change adds another state tag value on the cpu metric called total_usage, which reports the VM's total CPU usage in percentages.
  • Add diagnose command for easier debugging.


  • Rename package from appsignal-beta to appsignal. Please update your dependencies (for example, in requirements.txt) accordingly.
  • Bump agent to 32590eb.
    • Only ignore disk metrics that start with "loop", not all mounted disks that end with a number to report metrics for more disks.
  • Bump agent to 6bec691.
    • Upgrade sql_lexer to v0.9.5. It adds sanitization support for the THEN and ELSE logical operators.

See the Python package 0.2.0 changelog for more information.

Jun 27, 2023

Support for ASGI-based frameworks


Add support for ASGI-based frameworks such as FastAPI and Starlette.

See the changelog for more information.

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