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What's it like to work remote at AppSignal?

AppSignal is 100% remote, with an unlimited vacation policy and a great work/life balance. Get the answers to all your questions below.

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Team testimonials

What our team says about working at AppSignal

  • Flexible work

    AppSignal has flexible working culture. It affects my life and I have a great work/life balance. I have time to having lunch and dinner with my family, and this gives me a feeling of stability that makes me want to stay here for a long time.
  • Enjoyed work

    I know not every company can be perfect, but I have really enjoyed working from AppSignal so far!
  • Bootstrapped tempo

    The culture and pace of a bootstrapped company really is very different! A lot slower (in a good way) and less pressured.
  • Supportive

    I like the team, the supportive environment, the freedom to try initiatives.
  • Do it together

    The bootstrapped environment gives you more freedom to make decisions that can impact the company as a whole. There's no board which decides what we'll work on, but we kind of do it together. We're not a "here's a ticket for you" company, your responsibilities are larger than "just writing code".
  • Work/life balance

    Company culture is truly amazing. Work/life balance is great.
  • Clear impact

    I can clearly understand how my work impacts the rest of the business.
  • Testing mindset

    We have a "testing" mindset, where we just give projects a go, and then figure out which brought us more benefit. There's no "oh, this was wrong, you're going to get a poor perf review now", we have the "well, this didn't work" mindset.
  • Freedom and responsibility

    We are pretty much "self governing", you get a big say in anything you want or not want to do, how you want to do it, and when. Other side of this freedom is that there is an great expectation on your feeling of responsibility. If things go great, we tell that to each other. If things aren't going great you'll also get that feedback.
  • Be yourself

    You can be yourself. There is great respect among each other. You have a big say in things you're working on, and a big say in how things are being done.
  • Flexibility

    That working 100% remotely and async is quite different from being in an office/flex working, so expect more flexibility and responsibility on what/when and how you work on things and utilize your office budget to find a nice co-working.
  • Time off

    Time off is time off. AppSignal is flexible to your needs. No pressure to recover from a cold within 8 hours or request annual leave 6 months in advance.
  • Personal responsibility

    You get a lot of freedom and responsibilities, which lets you figure out how, and when, to best tackle an issue. It doesn't mean that you're on your own, you can always pair with colleagues on a problem, in fact pairing is encouraged. It does mean that we expect a high-level of self-sufficiency. We don't tell you what to do every day, but we expect you to pick up stories by yourself and make yourself useful, even if no tasks are assigned.
  • Interesting problems

    You get to tackle hard problems, we collect an enormous amount of data every day from our customers, it's our job to give our customers actionable insights into that data, and that comes with scalability and usability challenges.
  • Informal

    The informal structure, no c-suite managers to please.
  • Focus on product

    Company-wide focus on delivering a good product, not squish every penny from a customer.
  • Real work-life balance

    What I love the most about working for AppSignal is the amazing work-life balance, how it's not just about a specific days allowance or schedule flexibility, but something that actually allows you to make room for life as it comes.
  • Quality and pragmatism

    we strike the right mix between quality and pragmatism. We don't rush un-tested features to production, and our product has a high level of test coverage which results in a shared trust in our product across the team. We build a feature, we make sure that it works as intended, and we throw it at our customers to see if they like it too.
  • Taking initiative

    You need to have the initiative and drive to push things through to completion. There's no release schedule by which your code will automatically make it to production next week. No one will give you a thorough list of detailed bullet points describing each step you need to take to complete this task. No manager will pester you every day to see if you've made progress on your task.
  • Seeing impact

    You get to see the impact of what you work on. You get to build something that someone wants, you get to make improvements to a product that people enjoy using, and you get to talk to the people who enjoy those improvements.