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Action Mailer Automated Dashboard

With AppSignal's automated Action Mailer dashboard, you gain instant insights into the performance of your Rails application's mailers. With delivery per action metrics, instantly visualize the health and request volume of all your application's mailers.

All your Action Mailer metrics in one place

Action Mailer

With a simple click on any point of a graph in your automated AppSignal dashboard, you get an instant snapshot of your application's performance at that moment, allowing you to identify poorly performing actions and access application logs for swift debugging.

For example, you can customize triggers and alerts for issues such as when Action Mailer delivery drops below a desired threshold.

Metrics tracked on the Action Mailer dashboard

Deliveries per action
Monitor how many deliveries Action Mailer makes per mailer/action as throughput or percentage per minute.

Solve common Action Mailer issues

Automated Dashboards give you instant insights into your application's high-impact Action Mailer metrics, helping you to answer important performance questions:

Why isn’t Action Mailer sending any emails?
How many emails is Action Mailer sending?
What is my throughput?
What errors are occurring in Action Mailer?

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