Oban dashboard

Monitor Oban performance like a pro. All your important Oban metrics are automatically instrumented and monitored by AppSignal.

A screenshot of a Oban monitoring dashboard in AppSignal

Metrics on the Oban dashboard

Metric titleDescription
Job durationView key metrics for Oban job queues and workers.
Job queue timeView the time taken between a job being scheduled and started per queue.
Jobs completedCount of Oban jobs completed.
Job exceptionsCount of Oban jobs that fail to complete due to encountering an exception.

Why set up Oban monitoring?

With AppSignal's automated Oban dashboard, you gain instant real-time insights into critical Oban metrics that can help you fine-tune your Elixir application's resource allocation.

With job duration, queue time, completion, and exception count metrics, you can quickly visualize the health of your Elixir application's Oban background jobs and inspect how individual queues and workers perform.

Solve common Oban issues

AppSignal gives you instant insights into your application's metrics, helping you to answer important Elixir background job performance questions:

  • Why did my Oban job queue spike?
  • Why is my Oban job queue slow?
  • Why are my Oban jobs failing?

Monitor your Oban metrics with AppSignal

A simple click on any point of any graph on your dashboard will give you an instant snapshot of your application at that point in time. Dive deep into Oban performance, diagnose issues, and investigate errors with easy access to your application logs for even faster debugging.

Automated Oban dashboards give you the insights needed to make proactive and data-driven decisions. Stay ahead of issues by setting up triggers to alert you when your queue gets too long.

Ready to monitor your Oban metrics?

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