Erlang dashboard

Monitor Erlang performance in your Elixir app like a pro. AppSignal automatically instruments and monitors key Erlang metrics.

A screenshot of a Erlang monitoring dashboard in AppSignal

Metrics on the Erlang dashboard

Metric titleDescription
IO (Input/Output operations)View the number of input/output operations your application and VM are performing.
SchedulersView how many processes are being executed by the schedulers.
ProcessesView how many processes are running.
MemoryMonitor how much memory is being used in your application.
Atom UsageMonitor how much application memory atoms are using against the configured limit.
Scheduler UtilizationView Load distribution for Erlang schedulers.
Run Queue LengthView the queue length for all schedulers, by type.

Why set up Erlang monitoring?

With AppSignal's automated Erlang dashboard, you gain instant insights into critical performance metrics of your Elixir application. With memory allocation, atom usage, and I/O metrics, you can gain a deeper understanding into how your application is allocating resources.

Solve common Erlang issues

AppSignal gives you instant insights into your application's metrics, helping you to answer important Elixir performance questions:

  • How many Erlang processes are running?
  • How much memory is my Elixir application using?
  • How many atoms is my Elixir application using?
  • Is my scheduler utilization too high?

Monitor your Erlang metrics with AppSignal

A simple click on any point of any graph on your dashboard will give you an instant snapshot of your application at that point in time. Dive deep into your Elixir app's Erlang performance by visualizing atom usage, memory, and scheduler metrics, with easy access to your application logs for even faster debugging.

Erlang dashboards give you the insights needed to make proactive and data-driven decisions. You can also stay ahead of issues by setting up triggers to alert you when your run queue length or atom usage increases above a specific threshold.

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